Improve Health Care Efficiency And Visibility With The eClinicalWorks Billing Software

If you are looking for medical billing software that would help ease the operations of your hospital or office from financial management to patient engagement, you should consider the eClinicalWorks. Founded in 1999, the software was built with a sole purpose of getting papers out of the doctor’s office while making every connection that the doctor needs from the pharmacy to the lab and to the supply chain. The purpose of eClinicalWorks is to digitize the workflow and communication between the physician’s office and the rest of healthcare for efficient communication. Today, the medical billing software does not only provide the tools and services to digitize the workflow but also helps to reduce errors, reduce costs and improve the overall healthcare quality.

The eClinicalWorks offers a unified cloud solution that enables different offices and departments to work together to make the healthcare smarter, faster and more convenient by creating tools that bridge the gap between private practices and hospitals, providers and patients, and payers and healthcare facilities. Unlike the other cloud solutions, the eClinicalWorks cloud offers every user own database, which means that your operations will not be affected by activities of another user such as large search queries or upgrades. It also means that you can schedule for upgrades when it is convenient for your institution.

Furthermore, with nine data centers across the country, the eclinicalWorks cloud guarantees reliability and faster network for seamless communication. The cloud is flexible and scalable to enable every healthcare institution to quickly meet its business needs without experiencing cost increase, limitations, and obsolescence as the EHR data grows. The cloud is also easily accessible through the eClinicalWorks 10e, eClinicalWorks for Windows and eClinicalWorks 10e, which allows people to work and connect from anywhere, anytime as long as they have an internet connection. The cloud also offers automatic backups and hands-off software updates to allow you to concentrate on what you do best. Moreover, in the case of an emergency, the cloud offers eClinicalWorks Nimbus, which keeps connected during the outage.

Review of EClinicalWorks 

Electronic Health Records

With the eClinicalWorks, you will not experience adaptability issues as many features can be customized to accommodate the way different institutions work. The software provides you with all the practice data whenever you need it whether you are in an exam room, in the office or at home. Whether you are looking to manage medications, access test and labs results, patient education materials, and clinical decision support, the software has the tools needed for quality health care. Using quality measure reporting and built-in registry, the eClinicalWorks caters to the needs of more than 50 specialties and sub-specialties including vision, urgent care, and dental clinics.

Population Health Management

The eClinicalWorks medical billing software helps institutions to improve their outcomes by tapping into innovative delivery and payment models to close the gaps and manage risk. The software allows institutions measure, predict, benchmark and manage risk to manage costs and utilization, improve care coordination, leverage evidence-based care, improve quality outcomes and collaborate better with teams and patients. The population health management focuses on patient engagement by targeting anonymous feedback from patients about their visit through easy to complete patient satisfaction survey questionnaire and patient apps among other means of communication.

Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle management solution helps healthcare institutions to enhance visibility into their practice by filtering claims and encouraging efficient processes and workflows. The amazing feature about the eClinicalWorks revenue cycle solution is that it helps businesses to improve their revenue collection at a low charge of only 2.9-percent of the monthly collected revenue. Through easy to use dashboards, the software provides authorized users with visibility and transparency into the process and the financial performance of the institution in real time. The revenue cycle management feature offers healthcare institutions with 98-percent first pass acceptance, built-in claim automation, real-time claim adjudication, centralized work queue, code correct and six levels of clearinghouse integration.


To support its dedication to patient engagement, the eClinicalWorks also provides healthcare institutions with a suite of tools that make communication between the patients and providers more secure, easy and convenient. The messenger 5.0 eliminates the need for costly reminder calls and inconvenient reminder letters with a fully automated system that uses the existing information to interact with the patients for increased office efficiency, improved communication, and gathering more accurate data.